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Bar Bending Machine
Sona Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable name when it comes to providing automatic bar bending machine. Two models are available, one with wheels and one without. Reinforcement bars with several bending radius can be bent using this machine.
Suspended Platform
Available in model SONA SRP-800, Suspended Platform is a safe platform that allows construction, repair or maintenance of any high-rise building. It can be used for other purposes, like cableway installation,security inspection, dam and bridge maintenance, etc.
Concrete Trowel Machine
Get a complete line of Concrete Trowel Machine, such as concrete trowel machine, power trowel machine, and walk behind power trowel. High tolerance concrete floors can be developed by the professionals using this machine.
Parallel Threading Machine
From rebar thread cutting machine, taper threading machine, to TMT bar threading machine, get all kinds of parallel threading machine. Using this machine, customers can be ensured of high production efficiency, environment protection and handy operation.
Vibratory Roller
We are reliable provider of vibratory roller, such as double drum vibratory roller and double drum walk behind roller. The machine use two drums for compacting freshly placed asphalt mats to desired density. Get this roller for your next road or highway construction project.
Concrete Mixer
Sona Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a producer of vibrating paver roller, mini concrete mixer, mortar mixer and other concrete mixers for making uniform blend of concrete. A number of ingredients are added to the mixer, and the blend created in large quantity for construction site.
Vibratory Rammer
Get the vibratory rammer of your choice at Sona Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we can provide you tamping rammer, jumping rammer, jumping compactor and more at market leading price. It applies force to compact cohesive soils.
Bar Cutting Machine
Buy rebar cutting machine for cutting steel bar of diameter upto 40 mm, 28 times in a minute, and bar cutting machine for cutting bar of diameter upto 32 mm, 32 times in a minute. These machines have special tool steel cutting blades for cutting purpose.
Decoiling Machine
Accessible in different specifications, this array of Decoiling Machine is required to make coiled formed of steel bars straight. This machine is equipped with powerful servo motor and PLC controller.
Stirrup Bar Bending Machine
We are a reliable source of stirrup bar bending machine, like automatic rebar stirrup bender machine, CNC steel bar stirrup bending machine and digital stirrup bender machine. Building and construction industry use this kind of machine for bending bars, rebars and reinforcing bars.
Rebar Straightening Cutter
Get this rebar straightening cutter of your choice from Sona Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The computer driven straightening and cutting machine is known for its precision in the operation. The machine uses hydraulic cutter for cutting the rebars.
Concrete Cutter
Use a concrete cutter to easily, quickly and comfortably cut concrete. It does the free hand cutting in concrete with precision. This concrete cutting machine is suitable to be used by professional users. It can cut in tight spots and corners.
Reversible plate compactor and plate compactor are two kinds of compactor available at Sona Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Construction industry use this highly reliable and durable equipment to achieve compaction during road, highway and structures development.

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