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Bar Bending Machine
Sona Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable name when it comes to providing automatic bar bending machine. Two models are available, one with wheels and one without. Reinforcement bars with several bending radius can be bent using this machine.
Rebar Bending Machine
The provided Rebar Bending Machines are designed for industrial setups to produce accurate bends and shaped on varied tough metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and many more. These consume less power and space to deliver fast and effective throughput rate.
Stirrup Bending Machine
The electric elements and servo motor of our Stirrup Bending Machines utilize the technology of both Japan and Germany. With optimum angles, they can simply make any 2D shapes where the data can successfully store over 60 shapes.
Ring Making Machine
Being the most demanded systems in metal fabrication, building and construction sectors, the provided Ring Making Machines have the capacity to bend and form different grades metal wires. These are suitable for forming rings from hollow pipes with different circumferences.
Suspended Platform
Available in model SONA SRP-800, Suspended Platform is a safe platform that allows construction, repair or maintenance of any high-rise building. It can be used for other purposes, like cableway installation,security inspection, dam and bridge maintenance, etc.
Power Trowel
When the customers desire smooth surface for their buildings then our Power Trowels come to their rescue. After laying the concrete material, these systems are directly used to trowel the mixture that removes bubbles and hard patches from the floor surface.
Power Floater
As the title suggests, the provided Power Floaters are used in the laid concrete material to remove excess water from the mixture. Subsequently, the surface will turn out to be smooth and skid resistant to last for years.
Rebar Threading Machine
The provided Rebar Threading Machines are used by industrialists to form threads on varied hollow pipes and metal sections. These systems are incorporated with PLC control units to give controlled operations under different environments. They are acclaimed for their longevity and caliber operations.
Walk Behind Roller
These Walk Behind Rollers are heavy-duty construction machines that work as a vehicle for leveling the concrete roads, surfaces and allied areas. They are outlined in yellow structure with varied integrated components to provide regulated working on any newly laid concrete surface.
Concrete Mixer
Sona Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a producer of vibrating paver roller, mini concrete mixer, mortar mixer and other concrete mixers for making uniform blend of concrete. A number of ingredients are added to the mixer, and the blend created in large quantity for construction site.
Tamping Rammer
The mechanical devices that are used to level down the material before and after laying the concrete is known as Tamping Rammers. These are designed in distinguished models such as electric, jumping, petrol, vibrating and many more. However, every model functions in a similar manner.
Bar Cutting Machine
Buy rebar cutting machine for cutting steel bar of diameter upto 40 mm, 28 times in a minute, and bar cutting machine for cutting bar of diameter upto 32 mm, 32 times in a minute. These machines have special tool steel cutting blades for cutting purpose.
Bar Straighteners

This range of Bar Straighteners is reckoned for its global norms and long working life. Driven by CNC technology, these low noise systems can be accessed in various specifications. Low power consumption rate and less downtime are their key aspects.

Road Compactor

Road Compactors can be accessed in various specifications. These machines comprise of standard components like rear wheel, front wheel, air cooled engine of Honda brand and drive motor. These consume 1 liter of oil in every hour. Long working life is one of their main aspects.

Concrete Cutter

Use a concrete cutter to easily, quickly and comfortably cut concrete. It does the free hand cutting in concrete with precision. This concrete cutting machine is suitable to be used by professional users. It can cut in tight spots and corners.

Rebar Decoiling Machine
Accessible in different specifications, this array of Decoiling Machine is required to make coiled formed of steel bars straight. This machine is equipped with powerful servo motor and PLC controller.

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