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Road Compactor

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Jumping Compactor

Price: 42000 INR

Jumping Compactor is a hand operated device required to reduce the size of a material including waste, soil, or biomass with the help of compaction. It consists of a vibrating base plate which is forced on to the required surface for reducing the air vacuoles present between the layers of floor or working area. Also known as plate compactor, it is commonly referred to as paddy’s motorbike due to its handles like a motorcycle.

Product Image (SMT 700)

Road Roller Compactor

Price: 270000 INR
  • Weight:700 Kilograms (kg)
Product Image (SMT-1.3C/1.0)

Earth Compactor

Price: 450000 INR

Technical Details:

1) Model No : SMT-1.3C/1.0
2) Engine : Greaves 1510
3) Power : 9 HP
4) Type : Diesel
5) Fuel Consumption : 1Ltr/hr
6) Exciting Force : 30KN
7) Compaction of Soil : 30cm
8) Compacted Asphalt : 25cm
9) Variable Oil Pump : Sauer-Dynapac
10) Drive Motor : Sauer-Dynapac
11) Working Weight : 1300kg
12) Front Wheel Width : 750mm
13) Rear Wheel Width : 800mm
14) Walking Speed : 0-4km/h
15) Machine Size : 1900*900*2240mm
16) Grade ability : 30o
17) Wheel Diameter : 508mm

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Plate Compactor

Price: 48000 INR

Plate Compactor is a special type of machine which is required for reducing the size of the floor by eliminating air vacuoles present between the soil, clay, or sand layers. It is comprised of a vibratory plate, controlling handle, springs, and a servo motor. This compactor can either be driven electronically or with diesel fuel. It can also be used to level the backfill in narrow trenches for supplying water and gas.


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